Day 323


222 days since I’ve written publicly.

Those days were filled with such turmoil and grief, that I haven’t been able to write or deal…until now.

So I am starting back slowly…to the track of caring for me.

I have neither the time nor the desire to post daily anymore. At least not right now. I’m lucky to get up and do 10 minutes of cardio and make my smoothie. Why does that seem like rocket science just 6 years later?

I am changing things up this time around, in that if I feel the need for something I am allowing it in small doses. So though I decided I was going to phase out coffee, this morning I was really craving it so I had some. And it was delicious because I’d not had any all week. Do you think that is better than denying it and longing for it to the point where I say eff it and drink it daily for a month or forever?

It is of course possible that I am just justifying my desire to drink coffee.



5 thoughts on “Day 323

    • I really appreciate this comment, Deborah. I tend to be so “all or nothing” about wellness. You know, it’s either green juice and grilled chicken/veggie kabobs, or Starbucks and pizza. Thank you for the encouragement to practice moderation. I will keep posting on the progress. 🙂

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