Day 89

After months of reading and searching and banging my head against the wall…

I think I have found the culprit.

It’s sugar.

More specifically, grain sugar.

I was wrong. My body did have an adverse reaction to gluten, it just wasn’t immediate stomach upset or bloating. But in just a short time my brain was foggy again.

I quickly found myself lifeless.





And that’s not okay.

At first I was just mad. I didn’t want to admit that I need to remove grain.

I juice cleansed for 36 days, dammit! I deserve my grains now!


What I deserve is to feel good.

To want to want to wake up in the morning.

To run and dance and play and enjoy my children.

I am not doing that now because I feel like poo….constantly.

Something’s gotta give.

Well, I know this: I really enjoy juicing. But it’s expensive, so I can’t live on that alone right now.

I also love me some cooked food and pungent spices. Specifically, Indian.

I like seafood. A lot.

And bacon. (Who doesn’t?)

I also love bread and wine, but it seems those things are going to have to make a very tearful exit as I pursue a higher level of health.

At least for now.

It seems like the most sensible next step for me is the Paleo lifestyle.

Food that is hunted and gathered. Nothing processed. Or packaged.

But most importantly…

no sugar.



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