Day 75

I don’t know what is wrong with my body.

I am so frustrated I could scream.

I am exhausted.  I mean just plain old beat down, dog tired.  I almost fell asleep the other morning driving to work, 3 flippin hours after I woke up.

I don’t understand it.

I juiced for 36 days.

I re-introduced plant foods to my body very slowly.  When I re-introduced gluten I did not have an adverse reaction, so I have been eating it.  I have only had meat 3 times, and every time it was a small portion of chicken.

I eat more produce in one day than most people do in one week.  I go through a tub of kale, spinach and collardgreens every other day.  I juice tons of fresh fruit.  I am taking probiotics morning and night.  I oil-pull every morning.  I put turmeric in my smoothies, epsom salt and baking soda in my bath, and tons of lemon in my water.  I take a Vitamin D and Vitamin B supplement.  I take Mag-Ox before bed.

So why am I so tired and grumpy?

I think I feel worse right now than I did before I even started juicing.

I feel like I know what it is, I just don’t want to face it.

I think it is a significant systemic candida overgrowth and/or leaky gut.

I am making an appointment in the morning to see a naturopath.

This is ridiculous.


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