Day 66

Lately I have been buried in a world of overwhelm. And as per usual, when life hands me lemons, I crush them, add powdered sugar, make a large pound cake, and eat it in one gulp.

If you prefer bullshit, there is plenty of that elsewhere. I prefer to tell the truth.

Why am I always my own last priority?

When my special-needs son is struggling, and my finances are flailing, and my daughter is hormonal, and I haven’t cleaned my house in a month, and my…

you get the picture.

My son tends to control the climate of our universe. If he is off, we are off. And when I am doing everything to calm and settle his world, yet nothing is working, I forget that he feeds off of me. If I stop and calm down, nourish myself, and take some time to rest, our quality of life improves.

The past 2 weeks I have been staying up too late working, resting and hydrating too little, and most importantly, I haven’t been taking the time to prepare good quality, plant-based food.

I even had chicken salad at work on Monday.


My 36 day juice cleanse has somehow morphed into a banana for breakfast, cafeteria stir-fry for lunch, and a veggie sandwich for dinner. With chips.

This is not okay.


Because I need to prioritize myself. I am important. It is kind of a big deal that I function at optimum capacity. As a single mom, and a working one at that, I need my health.

i use this analogy quite often. If I’m riding on an airplane with my children, and the cabin loses pressure, little oxygen masks will drop out of the ceiling.

Who gets the mask first? Me or my kids?

My kids, right?


Me.  I get the first mask. Because if I’m unconscious, I can’t help my kids at all.

And so it goes with life.

But preparing carrot juice is a PITA. (Pain In The Ass)

Chopping, washing, processing kale is time consuming.

Peeling, slicing, coring fruit requires planning and commitment.

I hereby publicly reaffirm my commitment to myself, before my Monday chicken salad turns into daily Doritos and Starbucks.

Life would be so much easier if Buffalo Chicken Wraps from the Bamboo Café were plant based.

But life isn’t easy, is it? So time to quit bitching and focus.

Me, quit bitching?

Yeah, I laughed too.


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