Day 45


I’ve discovered the secret to successful diet and wellness.

It’s not juicing. Though I’ve done that now for 45 days.

It’s not calorie counting. Though I work for a physician who swears by it.

It’s not swearing off carbs. Though I know many who berade themselves with this particular style of torture.

It’s not surgery. Or Weight Watchers. Or Jenny Craig.

It’s not Atkins. Or South Beach. Or Slim-Fast.

It’s not pills. Or wraps. Or liposuction.

It’s not starvation. Or binge-purge. Or laxatives.

It’s not protein shakes. Or bars. Or supplements.

The secret is simply this.

One simple secret.


Sound like an over-simplification?

Bear with me.

When it comes to wellness, when it comes to my health, every single thing I do and say and feed to myself, must be done in pure love.

No self-hatred.

No negative self-talk.

No sneering or jeering or spiteful side comments as I pass my reflection in the glass.

No secrets swipes of a donut to be binged in secret.

No telling myself that my efforts are not enough.

No cursing the scale when it doesn’t yield the numbers I wish to see.

Every single moment from my waking to my sleeping, I must be incredibly kind to myself.

Should I be kind to others?

Of course.

But that kindness begins with loving me.

The old me would wake up in the morning to an annoying alarm, curse as I slammed the snooze button on my phone, drag myself out of bed, put my hair in a bun, throw on whatever was crumpled on the chair, drink a gallon of coffee, and crawl begrudgingly into my day….

and then wonder why I felt like donkey fazoo.

So 45 days ago I decided to transform my life.

I created an alarm that plays one of my favorite songs, with a screen greeting that reads “Wakey Wakey Beautimous!”

The moment I wake up I pray and do a guided meditation.

Then I dry brush and do my oil pulling.

From here I do a little stretching and yoga, while I say out loud all of the things for which I am grateful.

I create my green juice.

I rub down with coconut oil.

I love myself enough to do this for me, every single day.

Has this made life perfect?

Oh hell no.

If anything, lately…life has been more difficult.

As though I am being tested.

Have I indulged in less than stellar behaviors?


I have eaten chocolate. (Eeeeek!)

Last week I drank an entire bottle of wine. (Say it isn’t so!)

I had Indian food with my daughter while she was on spring break. (Oh, the horror!)

The point here is that I no longer beat myself down for being exactly what I am….human.

Some days I am going to eat bread. And drink coffee. And do zero exercise.

But the majority of the time now I make strong choices.

Cold-pressed juice in the morning. Plant-based lunches. Lots of water and probiotics and minerals.

And I am still going to look at myself in the mirror, see a gorgeously flawed woman, and smile.

My mantra these days?:

Progress, not perfection.


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