Day 31


Well kids, my booch (kombucha) is finally fermented to the tanginess that I like. So today I got to add the ginger and strawberries.

Who got the booch?


(Little things make me happy.)

A few more days and it will be ready to bottle.

I also now have a secondary SCOBY to gift to someone, with 3 cups of starter booch.

The first person to offer me something worthy of said gift, will receive it.

(And no first-borns, people. There are enough ankle-biters around here already.)

So this week I took a little plant-based holiday from my juice cleanse.

It was my birthday, don’t judge.

But what I’m finding 4 days later, is that my body was not done cleansing. Even high quality veggies and grains are making me feel sluggish and grumpy.

This tells me two possible things:

1.) toxic colon
2.) systemic candida issues

So back to strictly juice. Apparently 27 days wasn’t enough. I said when I started I didn’t have an end date. I still don’t. I guess my body will let me know, just as it is letting me know it wasn’t time to stop.

So happy birthday to me.

Today I am going to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy a new juicer.



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