Day 27

All of the sudden, people seem very interested in my business.

Even strangers.

Not that I’m excessively fascinating. Although I do have some wild Tarzan and Jane-esque hair, I wear a lot of boho jewelry, and these days I am generally carting around some sort of bright green substance in a glass Mason jar.

So maybe there is something fascinating about a non-skinny who is busy tractor-loading greens instead of Doritos and Heath Bars.


Saturday morning I ran out of greens, so I went to the market to buy kale, collards, spinach, romaine, cucumber and green apple.

As I was finishing up picking through the greens, the 112 year old produce man came over and said “Hey youngin’, whatcha gonna do with all them greens?”


Now…I can stand here and explain to this gentleman that I am about to make a gallon of juice out of this goodness, or I can just tell him it is for my chickens.

The chicken story is easier.


“It’s for my chickens.”

I couldn’t contain my own laughter.

So I said “Just kidding buddy, I am actually about to turn these greens into fresh juice.”

Enter elderly tirade about how us whippersnappers are into these silly health crazes, and how we just need to eat in moderation like he has since heck was a pup…(fade to black)

Fifteen minutes later I found myself wishing I’d stuck with the chicken story.

I’m learning that even though many seem utterly fascinated in this juice cleanse, once they hear juice, the criticisms and questions start barreling out.

How am I getting my protein?

You’ll starve to death!

That’s way too radical!

Why can’t you just do Weight Watchers?

I get it. It is radical.

It looks weird. It smells like outside. And some days honestly, it is much like drinking cold lawn clippings out of a Mason jar.

But it works.

Ask Joe Cross.

And honestly, a 16 ounce dark green goddess juice will give you a body buzz to compare with a Cheech and Chong style doobie.

(Just sayin’.)

So…after a long weekend of solitude, juicing, and studying for my online marketing class, I feel amazingly recharged today.

I am happier. Lighter. Regular. Sleeping. Clean. Craving-free. Focused.

It takes some planning and preparation.

But so does anything worth having.

The one thing I’m overwhelmed by is all of the fruit and vegetable waste I’m accumulating. Juicing 5-7 pounds of produce a day, it adds up fast.

Perhaps I’ll save it for the chickens.


16 thoughts on “Day 27

  1. Sounds like there’ll be enough for my chickens as well. 🙂 Keep writing, I think your gift from God is inspiration.

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