Day 22

This is the longest I have ever stayed on any cleanse. The past 3 days I have felt like complete poo….congestion, headaches, fatigue.

Not a pretty sight.

But I believe so deeply that this is going to work for me, that I am able to push through the difficult moments and stay fully on track.

It is hard to come to terms with any addiction…especially when it is something our bodies need to survive. Alcoholics and heroin addicts can survive without their fixes of alcohol and heroin. Food addicts still have to eat to survive. Removing that obsession and addiction is more than half the battle.

I LOVE food. I use it for everything.

To celebrate.

To punish.

To mourn.

To entertain.

Probably the one greatest aspect of this juice cleanse is that food and chewing have been completely removed from the equation.

If I’m truly hungry, I read. Or knit. Or make bracelets. Or go for a walk.

If I’m bored and angry because I don’t have the option of nomming on some food, I dry-brush my skin, take a hot shower, and rub down with essential oils.

I have replaced my unhealthy addictions with kind and loving treatment of myself.

Today I have:

Dry brushed
Juiced -1 quart grapefruit/ginger, 2 quarts cucumber/celery/kale/spinach/green apple/lemon

There was a small moment though today that I would like to confess. It is not one of my finest moments.

I’d had it up to my gourd with snarky patients, so I left the office to go for a brisk walk. I immediately started thinking about scarfing down sugar. I took a deep breath, and put it out of my mind. Well, about the time I turned my fourth corner, I about ran right into a lady carrying a small box.

I said “Oh excuse me, I’m sorry.”

She said “My fault. Can you tell me where the maternity ward is?”

About that time I looked back down and noticed that the box in her hands bore two beautiful, yet terrifying words.

Gigi’s Cupcakes.

Before I even realized what I had done, I reached for the cupcakes, ripped her arms and head from her body Twilight-style, and devoured the cupcakes whole, all in one fell bloody swoop.

Just kidding.

But the scene certainly played out that way in my mind.

I kindly directed her to the maternity floor and went on my merry way. But you know what?

I thought about those cupcakes off and on all afternoon.

I think I even welled up with tears over it at one point.

(What can I say? I’m serious about my cupcakes.)

But….I’m more serious about my health.

I made it through day 22 without incident.



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